LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Guy Bennett

The comparison with the kaleidoscope
suggests itself -- this measured bringing
into focus of fragments recombinant,
feigning form.

A particular succession of the twelve
is constantly there, in its simple shift
each series constellates internally,
a tessellated cell.

The whole development should challenge
a single motive, for unicity of idiom,
informing an extant architecture, exhumes
its infrastructure.


	This "of" for an "of."

The cell tessellated twelve constellates,
its particular development suggests
unicity in each series shift.

Fragments kaleidoscope the whole
internally, a motive feigning
comparison with itself.

Its architecture is recombinant,
informing the "constantly there"
of a single measured extant.

Succession should challenge the infra-
structure a simple idiom exhumes,
bringing focus into form.