LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Guy Bennett

Before we knew about the law we were
obeying it, breaking still sounds from silence
then threading them down dark strings.

We pulled our thoughts off handles, bridging
them simply, fitting them to form, distancing
all opposite ideals to unlikely corners, uncommoning.

The cause, of course, is this: we 
wish to say in an entirely new way
what has already been said before.

Now our sharp shard shapes sheer sure the shell
sound stings the inner eye perhaps more clearly
than one might think: may this stillness ring!


Sound sounds still stillness, the silence 
we were before, breaking to say bridging, obeying 
then fitting off-dark thoughts to new shapes
perhaps more unlikely than one might think.

May this course sure the distancing our 
inner eye already corners, clearly threading 
the sheer shell from form-ideals, uncommoning 
the sharp handles our said strings pulled?

It has been -- this cause is all about what 
we wish of stings we knew before them:  
we ring them in, shard them simply to law, 
now, an entirely opposite way down.

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