LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Guy Bennett

Everything is derived from one basic idea, 
spun like thread through the eye to thought.

Its inner energy a resin a synergy sparks, as
scrape-walls round the open whole of the throat.

A question of composition, of form, the facture 
of stillness; perhaps the most important thing is this:

what sounds. Its abject resilience glints broad
the bow drawn over the arc of the strings.

Its elemental accidence a point of arrival,
spiritual to the blunt rebuttal of clutter.

Only on the basis of these unprecedented fetters
has complete freedom become possible.


	A whole is only important on the basis of the "of." 
	Over the "of" of "is," a thing glints resin through
	the resilience of the throat to open these fetters 
	the possible has become.

What sounds this facture 
of stillness round the thought
of composition, its spiritual freedom
complete, eye-derived, arc-like,
as its abject inner accidence
sparks the arrival of a point?

Question form, perhaps 
the most elemental energy every-
thing walls; its thread-spun synergy 
strings a broad, unprecedented bow-
drawn rebuttal to scrape the blunt 
clutter from one basic idea.