The East Village

Carol Mirakove

4 (am)

wrapped around a lamppost on the BQE. there is no solution in the face
of every nerve. bordering the sock and calf i will dream of the moo. i
will dream, again, of the way i am transit. and shaking. and muzak,
when i talked about envisioning.

alien lanes the next thursday. but, wait, if, as you say, i am the
catalyst for your evil doesn't that make me even more evil? blinding
lips meet torture thigh. and all adjectives. was there a test group?
double conduct: inappropriate and dizzy sound about right.

do you think, without thinking (& horrified, granted), we could watch
a slow sport? read the O.E.D. in mary jane & tangerines? as if. there
is 'help.'

outside there is a piledriver. inside too.

i need a body valium. you are body crystal meth. knife of questions. i
didn't really ask that.

when repression becomes survival. and high becomes crash. when
insanity becomes ruler. becomes outside. organs to be pasted there.
immediately. basking in street meat.

you love to fail. i am to wait outside in all cases. it's a good thing
you are good. fork of expletives. we are fated to tacky displays in
the flimsy birdcage of rib.

prince of plasticware: my advice to you would be to locate and engage
a petty family matter. but, see, if i were remotely sane -- is there
another state? right. you're right. the = bird.