The East Village

Carol Mirakove

4 (pm)

he's the best person i know but i swear i think he thinks about saran
wrap. turnbuckle. someone on 1st avenue says "yeah, he's the cfo."
exchange of hints and hopes and horrors. who will break first?

"and what is the difference between sunday and tonight?" says my evil
twin. beautiful and bloodthirsty. i've been entertaining the idea of
'breaking first' for about an hour. i will stop whining now and
pretend i'm a grown-up.

impossibly of soothe what i wanted to do tonight. under orange
lamplight. possibly of hanging lamplight. 'like that.' kick back.
BREACH OF CONTRACT. yeah. i figured as much.

do you actually have a specific plan to keep things low key? or are we
gonna wing it. we've been doing a great job so far. statute of
limitations. or you could just tie me up immediately upon arrival.

and i thought i don't deserve a star for leaving, but i'll accept one
when i stay.

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