The East Village

Carol Mirakove


hoping they have their own special numbering conventions and my
deductions are wrong. in a bunch, precious mouse spits soda on my
cheap-with-style. feeling good about it.

frisk me for aqua net on the way in to casa de bubblelove & we'll be
all right. let us dub 2%.

i wasn't gonna let computer lady be the sole recipient of your
message. glorious aka hellbound: excise the libido. but, apparently,
it can grow back. tv will go on. like prisoners shouting from cell to

it is thursday. ringworm duly burned. those last minutes will probably
be excruciating. i need a vague eta for the gaping abscess.

emerging glory vines the breath-catching spasm. you are anything.
serious. flowerchild. i guard the fact that you are a scamp magnet.
about being late: no.

this morning i heard staten island has the best numbers. i should have
saved that story for saturday. i imagine you've lost your appetite as
a result. i am gripped / steal this yours.

street corner = middleaged leaning, leaning, snap awake, leaning,
leaning and looking for some reason. listen for them to hit bottom.
tick tock. feels like the prom i never went to.