The East Village

Paolo Javier


In love, laughter
 		so hard your face hurts.

Laugh at your shelf!
Laughable for absolutely all reason.
Laughing inside a Joe.

Holding hands with someone yo!
still the best roller coaster to ever bowl you over. 

Hearing your song on the radio:
like lying in bed in the rain.

A hot shower.

Hot towels out of the dryer, or this sweater 
you don't want on sale for _  price.
You choose vanilla milkshake.

A $20 bill was in your coat last winter.

Lines at the Super-Walmart keep
a friend from getting mail.

A friend, getting mail, talking
drivel down a petty road.

Old Times, make friends with New!
Plain & prude. 

Play someone with your hair!
Tell someone you're beautiful having!

Your presence opens much desire as the expression on someone's face.

Your kisses first. 
Hot choco later.

Midnight. A bubble bath. 
Gurgling. A conversation.

Feelings without song lyrics 
awaken, accidentally, as friends.

		& then sunrise.