The East Village

Paolo Javier

The Room in Tina's Room

Lie in bed thinking how
       her black shirt works with
       her green skirt.

Touch tummy thinking how
       her green skirt skims
       her thighs.

Feel this thinking I'm high.

Take a warm shower sure to dry
       before emerging after.

Rush back after emergency-style 
       inside her room, partly nude. 

Play Versus' 'Two Cents Plus Tax' cd skip to track seven.

Remember how it was then.

Figure out whose formal shoes are in the Macy's bag.

Figure out the difference 
        between the size of his feet 
        & mine. 

Expect not to see her after
        till days later.

Accept not seeing her later
        for months after.

Take a seat at her desk, close to 11 am, May 9th, &
        write all this down.

Take a bow, then

write about it in a poem. Write poems. That's
        my right. 

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