The East Village

Marcella Durand


Of the spindles of a clearness prodigous intersecting
the area of the graphic erosion,

when climbing down inside the records, would argue
cathedrals are not outside, only interior

the spiritual cauterizing, not for external the arches
green and stalagmites limited would find depth

an argument found inside the interiors landscaped
the neatness of clarity and ancient bushes

in extremis, hand extended as far as woods
and grasping the older poplars to retain

and would catch hold, the hand's shadow
moves over the faces of tulip trees,

native sassafras and vanishing bloodroot,
indicate the steps as landscape

would mould the green gently, a field
questionable, the curves revealed as though

a shadow removed or a small copse at the edge
of things, light comes from grasses shorn.