The East Village

Marcella Durand

Zoning Agreement

I look at you angled across the room
through doorway and doorway with
a staircase through your middle: illegal
building, and construction zone in the
midst of residential. Streets and styles,
a pure log building with clay between the
cracks and trees with fur on. Your movement
through the various walls of our apartment
and awareness of each other breathing and
companionship within the rental agreements
of a planned out space. Typical hut low and
brown to the ground, versus rainflow and
storm gutters: what we throw in and what
spills out, is visible through the sugar-hunting
of the lanes and shipping ports, the train thought
of being built, which would change the borough
from something flat and without end, to the
ruling carcass of a place set high and wheedled
up into the various points of land set aside or sold. 

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