The East Village

Allison Cobb


Woke up screams.  Woke up saw.  Woke up quoting woke up.  Woke up when
shouted with laughter.  Woke up at garbage trucks.  Whining.  What's that.
Woke up at what's that.  What's that.  Airplanes woke up.  Woke up one fist.
Whining woke up the sky with brain flower.  Brain awoke flower and rose
plume of smoke and the city.  Whine sex and city self brazen kissed and
scratching.  It doesn1t smell well.  It doesn1t smell so well.  Where is it.
It doesn1t smell so well where is it.  Where is it winking water.  What the
train did was stop.  And scratch.  Where dark tunneled many dark buildings.
And scratchings.  Where is it what scratching woke up.  New York the
terrible.  New York.