The East Village

Allison Cobb

And so it was broken.  And so it was broken said.  Broken a thing bears
repeating.  Repeating broken it said as became a number.  5,000 excited
animal.  Broken and came to life bears repeating.  And a number to itself
over.  And over of eating or self consuming. What ate itself poisoned
cookies. Homemade there.  Homemade it smelled and then burned some to cover
the smell that repeated it bears repeating.  And smells into sleep.   In
through the window in sleep ate itself and smelled itself on everything.
Woke up.  Woke up and what lives here.  In as came in now and lives here and
now it will bear repeating.  The number climbs up the figure of steel.  The
smell and the broken and in through the window.  Through sleep and through
woken up.  The number crept up.  Through bears repeating.  Come in now.
What lives here.  The smell the broken the number.  And what.  Come in now.
What lives here.  What lives here.  Come in now.  Come in now.  What bears
it.  Repeating.

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