LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Rodrigo Toscano

Circular No. 7

Lexical Beach. Inflation (symphony). Cones, rods
Oblige a judge (meant) (mint) (spent) (terms circulate) Tag
On a wall, emotion tint, practical light, fades.
And at arms length (what keeps, who's kept) from it, this date.
Traffic, by the street for the strut, is a dreamplug
Yet it tingles (would it) the ear, harmonic now
Transcoding blood of the past, if its sensed, spells trial
Store affronts Store, as standtime, stock.  Sunny backdrop
Shines / Youths / Battle, later polite, sublimates, taught
Massive reductions, "a life", passive induction.
And drawn to waves, a hydrologic seismic thang
That anyways, disalienates, a brief crash.
Statistical gloom, chaotic (strict) exchange, lend
To what'd speak there, swiped seconds of bardic stupor.
Palm (the famous one) soot-covered sex-empress, sings
As a matter of fixed fact, sweet nothings, whence fun
In the sun (the faltering one) wants his own brand.
Irony? Destiny? Or has WEDGE just surfaced
Re-dealing terms, cuts holes in sacks, resacks the scraps.
Olive hills, shopping carts, one shore, two classes, winds
Contend, earthbound, involuntary dreams, street smack
Intends centrally, unpopular notion, still
Lanes, for minds funneling, Santa Ana scorching
Roof / crew tarringtime, decades since barred from coupling
Frame / crew nailingtime, a grammar of not mere signs
But forces, signed Wedge, 94th year of The Surge
Still spiraling, asks, What's this, another Hotel?
Windows, English wiped, compels Tagalog as well --
Aling wika ang natutuhan ng iyong
Anak simula ng sita ay matutong
Magsalita? (*) Tough response being both [at dawn, mist]
And I will be Cebu, Kwanju, Mogadishu --
Who'd read them thus, if you'll be transported blood -- "tapped".
Lexical crosspath, poolside, exilic breakfast?
Hustle toast, Hassle tea, Muscles must, Asshole, look --
Go picnic instead, no? Yet little is force-free
Yet what¹d wish it, briefly, as along a fence, tags
Layered grief, spite, elation ... And sand blows over
Withering (take note) ALL (at noontime, gales) And shells
In the first place, shells: in the second place, shelling
A ... has become, [implicit] ... so that [horizon]
What's stitched on the shirt of the woman on the shore
U.S.S. Rodney Davis (returns in April)
Anchored fact, overlaps the moments calm (must it)
Crowds, crowds, crowds, crowds.  He looked around and wondered -- who
Rythmic waves receding, new scales for the same sights
Sound shshsh ... who's still after an outlook (it spoken
Through him) for transforming I (historically them
Overtakes him, a ...) if it's to matter, it will ...
The bare bluffs to construct on, for instance, or codes
Reboulevarding the district, or stocks regroup
Some way within this time beyond these sands in spring
Crash, then the posturing (rush) then the caring (crush)
Then Consequence: we'll have to Be by 2's and 3's
To link by 3's and 4's, anti-blocking verge
Before the fifth hour ... not even soap; Cuba, punked.
No jodan, as here young palms are being photographed
For planned touristry -- tropical servitude trope
No jodan, you "can't remember", itself a thang
Circulates (knowingly?) (sacks) (holes, scraps) what suspends
Narcosis of fun, fun? Tan. The Sun in midflight
Service.  Note, ethico-economic kernel --
Cracked, a parody of someone unfolding -- stops
Though that's not possible (nor desirable) quote
"I had a workday off and this is where it went."

(*)  Which language did your son or daughter learn when he or she first
began to talk?

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