LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Michael Scharf


Mirror mirror
metrical thirds split into a chorus
emanating from a small oracle, bludgeoned by the heart's chorical. Bragged
about making the loft scene, German diaspora.
Dictated nightly,
subordinated to the process and the needs of others,
which mostly take care of themselves, albeit with resentment,
the pretty little shits aren't
good enough, and the bill in fact arrives,
drawn by the anthropomorphicized coil
rejected at the toilet's bottom.
Just troping -- no actual
first-order content.
Volk verite.
I wrote a check, turned
back and hovered like a suitor
over the dark-
ed stool,
the cold beef drool,
the thickness of the poem
dependent on the transcendent
The group
were fascists for booting Stu.
Stick a small, underpowered bulb
between the feet, and the first to smash
it. If there's an unnecessary excitement
go home and relieve the first watch. Poke your
head into the cake shape, leave with flecks
cheeked, brush the mohair. In slow motion, I fell off the chair.
Managed --
Found a runnel in the roseate, streaming in the flowers,
courtyarded and protected,
but still subject to outer influences. And after
I wanted the tapes in my vault;
The correspondences are incredible but undiscovered.
Your process, though, is preserved, 8-sided,
octagonal if hilariously made nasal, corrupted by poor inputs.
No access to anything other than a vague feeling of res-
ponsibility for materiality, a chromed-out legacy, partnered
in this, a half-hearted reaching out across the milk-deprived
squad car. After a perfunctory exchange and a heated
seat, took refuge in the playfully odd
yet certainly masculinist meters of the 70s.

Menaced by Viktor Frengut daily,
opened up a nostalgic stoma,
saturated the faders with the pro-
duction of poetry. Red. Spilled
even warmer water,
couldn't share
the shower. Wept into the fireplace,
watched the desired maternal recoil anchor the backlash. Uvex.
I've learned to modulate my personality
for men. Grotesquely garlanded and gainfueled, bragged
hex, corn cluster.

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