LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Kristin Prevallet

0:00, 0/0/00 (The Impossible Sky)

Please pass whatever stick is up your "skylight"
Lions on the make with their lionesses, their
Eyes bulging larger than their "tails"
I am a hymnless soul with no orifiCes
And prod me though you might no
Dung on a silver plAtter will
Enrich your flavorful feast tonight
Sweetie. A guitar is more

Probable than I, so stick it
Up her bounteous butt,
PopPing with cinnamon and sweat
Prodding between wood and string.
I talked with my conductoR today
Symphonies are chaotic was all she said.

Tune your instruments radIoactive
At least you're guaranteed to glow
Unlike trying to maintain a Coversation
Range rampart thrOugh erroneous accusations
Unlike trying to maintain a life when
Synonymous with sinking you'Re washing dishes

Living is breathing all the way dowN
I can't think of a more tedioUs way to go
Being yanked by both chain and heart string
Rage against the two-timing thruSter
Animus of three beings divides the nuptial vow.