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Ange Mlinko

Survivor Species

Today downgrades the Minotaur to Bullwinkle. Tonight's wrong number delivers
matter-of-factly in a singsong twang addressing Jimmy the death of Banky in
Florida to my machine, and when the fever breaks I change my teeshirt for the
one with the Insectarium de Montreal orange monarch on it whose wings lie right
on the lungs like lungs. Narcolepsy lepidoptera, sunburn & insomnia! Listen to
how dry the leaves are compared to that survivor species, phragmites, without a
peer in the thesaurus, which went extinct eons ago, when a muscled ice age
modeled the bedrock.

I hear stand-up comics are intelligent,neurotic, competitive, operating at high
intensity, operating on another level, burning brightly, fine-tuned, incendiary
in person and if unable one day to turn off crack up totally. "What do cats &
Maoists have in common?" "Ever get that feeling, festinating down the boulevard,
that a tribrach's coming on?" When omelettes unfry themselves then I'll be rich,
painting breakfasts for the cook back. Tonight's wrong number is looking for
Mike and the minute I'm witty "You're much more interesting than Mike!" "Gee,
you caught me on a good night." Bye!

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