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NY Contributors' Info

Note: Pieces by Anselm Berrigan, Jeff  Derksen, Brenda Iijima, Nada 
Gordon, Wendy Kramer, Brendan Lorber, Laurie Price, Brian Kim Stefans 
and Gary Sullivan appear in previous volumes of The East Village.

Among Anselm Berrigan's books are On the Premises, They Beat Me over 
the Head with a Sack and Integrity and Dramatic Life  Berrigan is 
Monday night coordinator for the Poetry Project. 

Books of poetry from Charles Borkhuis include Hypnogogic Sonnets, 
Proximity & Stolen Arrows, Dinner with Franz, and most recently, Alpha 

David Cameron is nearing the end of a complete false translation of
Charles Baudelaire's Les Fleurs Du Mal. Forty of these translations 
have been published in Flurries of Mail and Dirty Mom.

Among Emilie Clark's collaborative book-art projects are The Rough 
Voice (with Lytle Shaw) and The Traveler and the Hill, and the 
Hill (with Lyn Hejinian).

Peter Coe has exhibited at P.S. 1; Genovese / Sullivan, Boston; and Sala
Rialto, Santiago de Cuba. He studied at Indiana University and Yale. 
Other work by Coe can be accessed at

Two projects for John Coletti are a book collaboration with painter 
Zachary Wollard and a book of comics with artist Jonathan Allen. Pieces 
by Coletti appear in Prosodia, Log, Ixnay and The Brooklyn Review 
On-line. Coletti resides in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Tom Devaney is the author of The American Pragmatist Fell In Love 
from Banshee Press. His criticism appears in Lungfull! and Jacket 
#11. His poems are in American Poetry: The Next Generation and in 
the catalog for the exhibit Greater New York at P.S. 1.

A Little Gold Book, Upstairs and Poem On a Train are among 
Jordan Davis's recent books. Davis works at Teachers and Writers 
and moderates the subsubpoetics e-list.

A founding member of Vancouver's Kootenay School of Writing and 
editor of Writing, Jeff Derksen now resides in Brooklyn. Recent 
books are Downtime and Dwell.

Marcella Durand is the author of City of Ports and Lapsus Linguae, 
both from Situations Press. She has been program coordinator 
and Web editor for the Poetry Project at St. Mark's since 1997.

Joe Elliot co-edits Situations Press.

Andrew Epstein is a graduate student at Columbia. His work appears in 
Ribot, Raritan, Verse, North American Review and other zines.

New work from Betsy Fagin appears in Kenning, and San Jose Manual 
of Style wiil soon be released by Five Fingers Review. She's based 
in Brooklyn.

Recent books from Greg Fuchs are Came Like It Went (Buck Downs
Books) and Uma Ternura (Canvas and Companhia). Fuchs is editing
Brett Evans's After School Session for sub press. The two poems
included here are from a new manuscript, The City That Never Lets
Me Sleep.

Joanna Fuhrman's first book Freud in Brooklyn was published by
Hanging Loose Press this spring.

Chris Funkhouser is a professor in Humanities and Social Sciences at
New Jersey Institute of Technology and editor of We Press and Newark 
Review. Funkhouser lives on Staten Island.

Drew Gardner's newest chapbook is The Carrying Stream. Work also 
appears in Primary Trouble: An Anthology of American Poetry, An 
Anthology of (New) American Poets and the New Coast issue of o.blek.

Alan Gilbert has poems in The Baffler and First Intensity, and essays 
in Lagniappe and at the P.S. 1 Website. He lives in Greenpoint.

Nada Gordon moved from Japan to Brooklyn in 1999. Published works 
include More Hungry, lip, Rodomontade and Koi Maneuver -- 
forthcoming are foriegnn bodie, Are Not Our Lowing Heifers Sleeker than 
Night-Swollen Mushrooms? and Correspondence (with Gary Sullivan). 

Julie Harrison and Brigid McLeer met at an "image, text and
technology" conference and have been collaborating electronically
since then. Harrison resides in New York and McLeer, an Irish artist,
currently lives in Devon, UK. Pieces here are excerpts from a

Mitch Highfill's books are The Blue Dahlia (Detour), Turn (Situations), 
and Liquid Affairs (United Artists). Work is forthcoming in the anthology 
Heights of the Marvelous (St. Martin's). Highfill is Wednesday night 
coordinator at the Poetry Project for 1999-2000.

Andrea Hollowell co-edited AYA. Hexagrams and Lost in Space
are recent books. She lives in Manhattan.

Works by Laird Hunt are Dear Sweetheart and a short novel The 
Paris Stories (small sicknesses of love). His writing appears in Grand 
Street, Sulfur, Talisman and Brick.

This summer Brenda Iijima will have a one-woman show of her "Flower 
Images" (selections can be seen in The East Village) at a gallery in
Chelsea. She is the author of Person(a).

Winner of the Edgewise Electrolit International Videopoem Award, Adeena 
Karasick is a poet / cultural theorist. Her most recent book is Dyssemia 
Sleaze (Talonbooks, Spring 2000).

Sean Killian's poetry has been widely published, most recently in
Talisman and o.blek. He lives in the East Village.

Eleana Kim collaborated on a documentary covering recent political,
cultural, and social changes in Mongolia, where she worked with 
the Cultural Restoration Tourism Project. She now lives in Manhattan, 
studying anthropology at NYU.

Pieces by Noelle Kocot have appeared in numerous magazines, including
Lungfull! and The American Poetry Review. She lives in Red Hook, 

Videos of Wendy Kramer reading two of her collages, "The Blind Poet"
and "Wood or Wire?" are featured in Volume Eight of The East Village.
"Chiclet Indica" first appeared in Essex 1, and recent work appears in 
Riding the Meridian.

A recent transplant from Washington, D.C., Susan Landers now lives
in Brooklyn. Her poems have appeared in Ixnay, Mirage, Phoebe,
and The Washington Review.

Katy Lederer lives and works in Brooklyn. Her poems appear or are
forthcoming in Jacket, Slope, and The Transcendental Friend.

Writer / cartoonist / performance artist Rebecca Levi is the creator 
of the Queer Bedrooms website ( She edits
the dream-inspired zine Your Head on a Platter, and her illustrations 
appear in Anything that Moves and Faggo. 

Rachel Levitsky lives in Brooklyn and teaches poetry in grade schools.
She is the author of four chapbooks, 2(1x1)Portraits (Baksun Books), 
The Adventures of Yaya and Grace (Potes & Poets), Cartographies of 
Error (Leroy) and Dearly, (a+bend). She curates the Belladonna 
Series at the Bluestockings Women's Bookstore in New York.

Brendan Lorber's The Address Book from The Owl Press was
released this January. He's the editor/publisher of LUNGFULL! and 
helps run the Sunday Night Zinc Bar and the Segue Foundation's 
Double Happiness reading series.

A native of Shen Yang, China, Pun Sing Lui has performed and shown 
work in solo and group exhibitions in Beijing, Hong Kong, Frankfurt,
Berlin, Koln and New York. His work was included in Inside Out --
New Chinese Art, and a one man mixed media show of his work will 
open June 15 at Ethan Cohen Fine Arts.

Kimberly Lyons has several chapbooks and a 26-part poem, Mettle, 
published with images by Ed Epping as a limited edition from
Granary Books. Lyons' Abracadabra is just out from Granary.
She was the program coordinator at the Poetry Project and is now a
psychiatric social worker.

Pattie McCarthy edits BeautifulSwimmer Press and teaches at Queens
College.  Two of her chapbooks were published in 1998: Octaves (ixnay
press) and Choragus (Potes & Poets). She recieved her M.A. from 
Temple University. 

Sharon Mesmer is the author of Half Angel / Half Lunch (Hard Press) 
and The Empty Quarter: Stories (Hanging Loose Press).

Recently returned to Brooklyn from Morocco, Ange Mlinko is now in
transition from Brooklyn to Manhattan. She is the author of Immediate 
Orgy and Audit (lift) and Matinees (Zoland).

Born in Reedley, California, Peter Neufeld is editing the first issue
of the journal Aufgabe with E. Tracy Grinnell.

Richard O'Russa lives and exhibits his work in Manhattan. He recently
finished a collaboration with Joe Elliot, with whom he works at the
SoHo Print Center.

New books from Wanda Phipps are Lunch Poems from BoogLit and 
Your Last Illusion or Break Up Sonnets coming soon from Situations 
Press. She is a contributing editor for Big Bridge ( 
and curates "Mind Honey" (

The image by John Pilson is a still from a video installation entitled
"Interregna" shown in Greater New York at P.S. 1, and at the
Kunst-Werke in Berlin through July 2000.

Kristin Prevallet edited and wrote the introduction for a selection of
poems and collages by the late Helen Adam. Prevallet teaches at Long
Island University and for Teachers and Writers Collaborative. Her most
recent chapbook is Selections from the Parasite Poems from Barque.

Poetry books from Laurie Price include Except for Memory and
Under the Sign of the House. The Assets is forthcoming from
Situations. Price is interviewed in the second issue of Readme.

Jen Robinson is the author of For Conifer Fanatics. Her work has 
appeared in Lungfull, 6,500, and Cocodrilo, and she has performed 
it on beaches from Fire Island to Oahu.

Douglas Rothschild (aka DglsN.Rthscjld) writes that "he came to be
a poet merely on a lark. Since then he has writen may fine poems." 

A contributing editor for Publishers Weekly and Poets & Writers, 
Michael Scharf has a chapbook,Telemachiad from Harry Tankoos 
Books, a small press of which he is editor and publisher. He is a 
doctoral candidate at City University of New York.

Prageeta Sharma is the author of A Just-So Poem (Booglit) and Bliss
to Fill (Subpress). Her work can be found online at Boston Review,
Combo and University of Pennsylvania's Kelly Writers House. She is
the drummer for The Sleeves.

Lytle Shaw has published four poetry chapbooks, two in collaboration
with the artist Emilie Clark, with whom he edits Shark, a journal of
poetics and art writing. In his first full-length book, Cable Factory 20, 
Robert Smithson's description of "Spiral Jetty" serves as a 'guide' for 
20 site-specific poems.

Julie Sloane lives on the Lower East Side. For the past five years she's 
painted scenic backdrops and sets for the entertainment industry in New 
York, primarily film and theater. She is art editor of LUNGFULL!

Rick Snyder's chapbooks Blueprint and Double Ear are available from 
811 Books. He edits the poetry journal Cello Entry and works as a 
freelance copy editor.

Brian Kim Stefans's books include Free Space Comix (1998), Gulf 
(1998) and Angry Penguins (2000), along with the chapbook A 
Poem of Attitudes (2000). His visual work can be found at He edits Arras (

Chris Stroffolino's books are Stealer's Wheel, Oops, Incidents (at the Corner 
of Desire and Disgust): Poems 1985-1988 and Cusps. Stroffolino co-
edited An Anthology of (New) American Poets for Talisman.  He lives 
in Williamsburg.

Gary Sullivan edits Readme ( Deadman, a novel, 
was published by Meow in 1996, and three books, The New Life, The Art 
of Poetry and Correspondence (with Nada Gordon) are due soon.

Among Rodrigo Toscano's books are The Disparities (Sun & Moon)
and Partisans (O Books) and, forthcoming, Platform (commissioned 
by Atelos Press). He works at The Labor Institute in New York.

Born in Nigeria, Fatimah Tuggar lives in New York. She studied at 
Yale and in the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. Tuggar has
shown at the Johannesburg and Istanbul Biennales, Kwangju Biennale
2000, P.S. 1, the New Museum and the Brooklyn Museum. Her first solo
exhibit is slated for this fall at Greene Naftali Gallery, New York.

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