LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Brenda Iijima


Girls were said to be Cold and corn, Warm. Cold in
nature, acre by acre. Wind holds dust like walking
like walk to a wall of thin molecular but never-
the-less molecules. Miles after acres and lakes of
ice only to melt in a season is a girl touched by
crocus of Mars or Topaz from Iron or they melt
when bleeding or longing and the painting never
dries. Concerning epidermis sun-kissed and calloused
on the soles from so much walking. Concerning walking
taking in season. There about and about. Hence it
happens and once it happens, it happens to be occurring
in a room nearby, which one is unclear, near the
kitchen no doubt because the kitchen has the most
particular function like a road or a spoon. Girl
is a world that curls on the tip of tongue and can
be visited without reason. Girl buttered a corn.
Well girl, what of horticulture what of science al-
together? In a scrapbook--glued down girls of
paper. Girl writes letter and girl shucks corn.

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