LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Laird Hunt

Dear Sweetheart,

I decide that Captain Kirk is my best friend. He's not quite as sure, as a
matter of fact he tells me to BACK OFF SAILOR, so I get it into my head
that I have to prove it to him. I borrow a shuttle and hightail it for the
Gamma Quadrant. Long trip. Spock is with me. And Bones. Except that Bones
is really just that. Just bones. A pile of them. What happened to him? He
doesn't like wormholes. I can relate. The trip through the worm hole is
tough. Dark and wet. We come out into a part of the garden I've never seen.
Spock has become my grandmother and she is explaining things. That is not a
flower, she says. That is not the sky. She is holding a watering can. She
proceeds to water. I proceed to scream. Captain Kirk tells me I'd better
take it back.