LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Andrea Hollowell

the raw & the cooked

lemon butterscotch blue lollipop
("but you have to throw it away when
you get to the pink") sandwich
ice cream lemon red balls butterscotch
blue candy bisco orange lollipop lemon
lemon blue lollipop!

run around naked except a terrycloth cape
(like Miss Clavel) "I'm leaving": to reflection
in mirror: "I won't be back right away, ok?"
hiding in closet behind bamboo print yukata
circle the bed walking on the ice cream
dance like Sleeping Beauty

soba hot dog ("I want a big one!")
plain rice white rice onigiri
sliced cheese spaghetti potato
peas wakame soup noodles
green noodles vegetable soup
somen french fries salmon onigiri
chick peas cake muffin baby corn

shriek kick roll buck push & grab
arch not to be dressed demand the only
pair of pajamas that are dirty sob in
humiliation on being clothed fling
head left & right so nose can't be wiped

carrot olives pickles celery cereal
cookies goldfish nuts green apple
plum plum grapes tomato yogurt &
honey peanut butter applesauce

sing "zosan" "baby beluga" "the moon
song" recite Madeleine page by page
help unload dishwasher make a mail
cake feed hot & cold pieces
bake cookies stir okonomiyaki make
two like that on fingers massage neck