LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Joe Elliot

There is a brown paper bag. Open it. Pull one out.
I think that this is not torqued enough
but maybe it is. Maybe it is as aesthetic.
Shredded memo wheat growing perpendicular to
that is to say against (and against is why it grows)
ten powder blue horizons
and a final, uppermost one pink. The O,
indexcardscape, having just sunk out of sight
a century ago, I might have left you there
indefinitely or gone back to sleep. One needs
one's sleep. Keep up the practice. A kind of
fitness for death based on control over
Now the cat climbs up on my lap wants to be rubbed
walk on keys. No, not that. That. Parenthetical
remark inside a parenthetical remark inside a
child inside a parent and both of them inside the parent's
parent etcetera until the world that's continually
going away is here, afterglowing, in this sitting down
at the table to let the one next thing eat

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