LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Marcella Durand

City of Nets 2

Sitting in wetness
with puddle & feet
in dirt, the delicious
fragments of an embedded
letter the frog kind &
tender, moist and skin
breathing in gels of
green -- the fern-vision,
the increased crossings-
out-outings, the corner,
the fine brown drops
on the undersides of
ferns. Another delectable
chip of a letter. Some
fragment. The small
communicable devices
on the undersides of
ferns & the communicable
green filters, the underwater
dream-iness, stealth &
sea-urchin, in stomach,
the hawk-shark allows
the urchin dye to seep
to fin, the undying
hospitable tanks by
the sides of rivers, of
fires, the lifting & lowering,
the slurry loss which edges
down rivers, of filters-
tinge, hue, aspect.
The turn of hawk-
shark twisting head,
hammerhead caught
in net, fisherman
lifts by handle-eyes
up to filter of sun,
of gold, yellow-
blinding after fern
green, plankton, water --
pressure, a filter
takes fragments --
tasteful embedments,
trying chips, en-
codements -- detritus
embedded in sea floss,
hieroglyphs, codes
in house wall, in
building, in hacienda
plastered in pink,
yellow gel, rose
filter, tinging,
hue, aspect, color-
ation of fins, of
sugar-cane factory,
of tin roofs & rust.
Fin, sugar, ingest.
Delicious. Bits. The
codex of brown dots
on communicable
fern leaf -- the scroll,
the pucker of touch,
and feather shiver.
Oak leaf eater by
green puncturer,
a toothpick of
cellulose embedment,
erasure, fatigue,
shivering. Within
block, plaster, corner-
stone. Box, hinge, codex --
engine runs warm over
heat with sugar rain
pattering leaf's fine
powder, leaves little
fire -- granule explode
in bullet-apple ring
scar -- sugar fire --
sweet fern & sweet
codex, tasteful, tongue
bud, rose, delicious letter,
delicata muscle, of taste
hieroglyphical -- delect
bits & readings.

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