LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Jordan Davis


To put your hands on the floor
as a means to experience
the party downstairs

robot gardener

or, a fossil storefront
despite proliferating limousines
and not a prom in sight

the opposite of hypertext
to bring all the data onto one plane

a diagramless
a life drawing class of language
a self-producing diagram
moire soul

Note cards and toy soldiers
Ice piled high on the estuary

To rehearse is to scavenge the future

Remarks pile themselves
on top of each other
not as logs outside a hovel
but as ice-slates on a tidal river

Time minus infatuation will be marketed as a kind of health-food time

A pet store catering to mafiosi

The commotion has rubbed
crayon shavings along the surface

What could someone else
do with these thoughts?
Or is uselessness high generosity

the liquidation of the libraries
for benefit of how many seconds
of freedom from taxation

money wise time foolish

The afterlife begins at 33 rpm
An unmanned freedom
The sound and motion of a field in summer

For export, wholesale flirting
The revival of the studio flirting system
Every action sequence has an equal and opposite reaction shot

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