LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Paul Vangelisti


Three is your supporting number.
Three's friendly even auspicious
especially before July.
There we enjoy six cases
including an instrumental and a locative.
What's left to say who's left to say it to
everything must happen before the arrival of Mars.
One plus one plus one
means once done there's nothing doing
only miles and miles of stars.
A good cook is a born optimist
while there's never been much travel won't cure.
Mercury is usually best
while Saturn may be provident
although with Saturn there's always a price.
Four is seldom a happy number
two before two behind
too symmetrical to face your end.
Hours before hours later
who will understand your story,
born, it says, in another century
in a pogrom on the streets of Kovno
dying Monday at the end of this.

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