LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Dennis Phillips

Knowing it was always in the wings so to speak, wings being a
theatrical reference which sounds avian, as opposed to waiting, a
temporal reference which sounds like volume.

This was freedom.  Because confinement was so productive?

Thus the phone calls became essential.  Each word they spoke
reverberated through the room's black shades (red to them) a political
matrix, outlined and so arousing that they too had to act (the shades
or the callers?).

Others say that the sun had grown too hot.  Nothing could stay solid. 
Still others, that a county away the climate steadily improved.

Who were they to question their resources?

As if a simple implantation, fantasy or truth-telling, a feast day,
the way a new idea (technology) will always seem threatening, one
smiles, the end is sightlessly measured but linearly.

And so they who would like to give it or they who withhold it or they
are characters and may do anything.

Subtract something but even that is history, or graft something on,
their journeys to distant capitals, for example: they who reign so

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