LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Martin Nakell

Rain: A Disquisition

that rain which is eternity's eternal ice
that rain which announces the liberty of the unknown
the exquisite execution of the hangman singing
that rain which returns after a brief hiatus, bringing with it
 its eternal wind to sway the trees upon whose bark the rain sucks, soaks
that rain which returns after a thousand year absence
that rain which returns after one million years
that rain which flows out streaming from your pores
that rain in which friendship becomes eternally silent
that rain my god in whose waters one's ancestors finally bathe
 enfin stretch out their bodies strained with the tensions they met
that rain which wouldn't come and wouldn't come and at last 
that rain in which the child said my teacher said we would have
 a great drought this year how can it be how can that rain be 
that rain which causes predictable meditations in those
 who do not have to tremble in its cold
that rain which comes only once like an annunciation
 but not of a birth not of a salvation not of a miracle 
that rain which announces hunger from the belly of its fall
that rain, ravaging, which renounces anguish
 which annihilates nourishment abandons comfort
 which expands to enlarge a universe of the acceptable
that rain which would not come for prayer nor dance nor stop on imprecation
that rain which forced sight to the limit of the objective world
 which would imply nothing beyond it nothing nothing
that rain whose ax cut the cord at the astonishment of gasps
that rain which promised to return but never in a future
that rain  which has no relation no brother no sister no mother 
 and whose father is not crying but has stopped crying
that rain which turns day to the relief of dimness but turns darkness to something cubic
that rain raining, suspended, pendulant, hanging
that rain from which there is no running, no flight, because direction is the first thing it authorizes
that rain which we listen to, lying inside, all night, all morning, appeased
that rain which resolves the conversation between rage and beauty while yet
 perpetuating it for the sake of something significant to do during the rain
that rain which stitches together the edges of leaf and air
that rain which proved the disexistence of God which sent the theologeans scurrying for a
 topic to occupy the void for a rooftop which opened up a field of awe
that rain which refuses to command anyone to anything, which issues grants to inertia
that rain without metaphore, that rain without syntax, that rain without intention
the lawlessness of that rain remaking its own shape continuously
the artfulness of that rain simultaneously remaking its own shape
the betrayal of that rain promising nothing beyond the potential for nourishment or flood
that rain which pours out of our bodies in rituals we return to to return
that rain which everyone even everywhere knows so that you might write to them about it
that rain through which people have gone even so and nearly dauntless or in defiance
that rain which the gods did not ordain which surprised them
that rain which the meteorologist predicts each night at sunset
that rain which as a child said is nothing but rain
that rain which the the rabbis discussed their words become magenta
that rain which affirms its position as the soul of denial which repeats yes yes
that rain  which sempiternally causes indicates announces signals motivates stasis
that rain which drenched our ancestors' sleep
that rain which has quenched thirsts
that rain which the animals have aspired to imitate
that rain which will not provide the scholars with definitions but with pursuits
that rain which would provide the scholars with their definitions were they only willing
that rain which tedium flaunted its laughter
that rainsound resonant inimitiable suggestible by certain sets of collected alphabetic symbols:
 tink, tick, tuck, tunk tong bing rit  to annunciate the worlds of tin,,,,, concrete,,,,, roof,,,,,
 wood,,,,windowglass,,,, tar 
that rain which kept track of the hours of the Creation and repeats them
that rain which adapts each molecule to the rapid changes of environment
that rain which infiltrates wisdom, spies on it, reports on it to itself which is its own superior
that rain which drowned the men at war in the oath of their poem
that rain which did not flood but ran off the edges of earth whose source is perhaps exhaustible
 because the exhaustible and the eternal are equal
that rain which muted the world of the flora
that rain which drowned workers at the frenzy of their piece-work benches
that rain which turned off the music of the spheres ah that
rain which made the distance between lost and lost unconditional that rain
which recaptured the sound of the Sermon on the Mount from where it had drifted off 
 into space which recaptured the sound of Solomon making love to his people which recaputred
that rain which giggles
that rain which disagrees with the proposition that the middle class is what drives
 American prosperity
that rain whose migraine won't quit
that rain which the industrial revolution tried to abolish to displace to co-opt to re-create to find
 a good use for that rain which produces an as yet unheard of and as yet unusable hydroelectric
that rain which instituted reality by virtue of touch
that rain which had seen the face of God at Mt. Sinai which had not died
that rain in which the homeless pursue their invention
that rain which 
whose coming is a present of the act 
that rain which Sappho drank into the corpus of her thought
that rain which stubbed its toe on a book
that rain which lacks all imagination
that rain with its base obsession compulsive repetition
that rain in redictation to the form of rain
that rain which is round to be held in the palm of an emergency hand
that rain which directs eros in the perfomance of her pantomime, silent, daring, darling of the sages
that rain whose exhaustion is velvet, whose violence bemuses the animal world
that rain which criticized no one, never knew sin, raged, never envied
that rain which annointed weariness with irony, fell on the heads of those who came
 pronouncing legends of floods
that rain which adapts each molecule to the millenial changes of environment
that rain which incubates centuries until they are ready for profligate mortality
that rain which daedal mists all space fills in connects stands still moves rises as in falling
that rain a continuation of that rain which replies factually at the interstice of not becoming
that rain which constitutes color mask formal setting ceremonial dress proper greeting
that rain which fixes their paint to their painted bodies
that rain which insists on being written
that rain which creates destruction
that rain which analyzes the hypothesis of the discourse of absolute opposition
that rain which concentrates being into clarity, transparency, density
that rain which autographs the blood of childhood at the soft speech of everyday irony