LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Will Alexander

Concerning Forms which Hold Heidegger in Judgment

In a flawed Slovakian brickhouse 
strains to purge from its forms 

it seeks general absolution 
for its crimes as consultant 
for its mirage as a man of just causes

it views from its window 
ironic brimstone snow 
muted conniving intangibles

& philosophy 
an exploded circular elf 
a thoughtless sodium concentration

"being in the world" 
circuitously tainted by useless Himmlers 
by Ernst hunger & his brigades expressive of Dachau

it is 1962 
it is 1947 
& it silently endures 
a mirage of throttled Gypsies 
a stony rats' embankment sculpted by sullen Polish teeth

& so 
how can Dasein submit expression to fiery flesh entombment 
to ironic flights of Holderlin 
to the sun blown away by contraction

it meanders like a rat across its minimal treaty with verbs 
across a treaty monitored by geysers of vomit

it seeks to summon its furnace 
with off-white cadavers 
with minted cerulean remains

it is menaced by sum as subjective grief 
by defeated monarchs as lead

then life arrives 
as neurological engulfment 
as tariff 
as plodding impasse vacuum

its body 
polluted hailstone riddles 
as shattered morality 
as shattered flashback spectrum 
the true imposture as carcass 
one thinks of galactic sand 
somberly sifted in a haunted Lutheran bottle

the rectorship lecture 
& the quoting of the spirit 
by general mockery as journey 
by debut at the gate of sickened thinking intensity

Dasein as ice in a darkened migratory vein 
of its opened being across evacuated vacuums

& so the corpses mount for Dasein Martin
the mimetic Aristotelian motives 
brought back across the eye as dangerous skeletal kinetics 
under the guise of eclectic bartering gnomes

I'm claiming you as leader by acidic incapacity 
by megalomania as ejected mirror

not indictment 
as "ex post facto construction" 
but thought 
as eviscerated misnomer 
as stalled judgmental breakage

the wind then ignites disjointed geometries 
then the ghosts fly in from the waves 
they are ancient & composed of higher bodiless bodies 
of nerves that descend to territorial panic

so I think of wading pincers 
of moons in the death gas 
of claustrophobic beguilement as Richter

the grammar of such German speaking voice 
scarred by hardened carrion plums 
by diabolical largesse 
by the chemical sediments from war

for instance 
a seized opal 
a seismological burin 
a diacritical ammonia

at Freiburg 
Dasein open to the strong desolation of ale 
to mental properties conceived in an alcoholic lava court

by lapse in the stony circle of crises 
you exude 
basic codes of crime 
condoned by illusive electrical cancer 
perhaps a triggered ontology as meteorite 
as a strange cephalic scaffolding perch 
camouflaged at times 
by the powers of Parmenides & Nietzsche

beneath your silence 
beneath your stony implosives 
I invade your deeper storm 
concerning illusives 
concerning cranial gain & emotion

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