LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Will Alexander

Water as a Dysphoric Medium

A skittish form 
in sudden arsenic waters 
like a smoky "siphonophore" 
within a black gestation of strata

the water burns 
beneath an androgynous source of lilies 
with each of its moons exploded 
like garish millipedes & resin

thought becomes an isotope within hydrology 
within an inorganic compound 
within the power of its "youngest sea"

where I imagine in its depths 
the force of stunning manganese trees 
or a body of crows 
trapped within a heated polar ceiling

the depths reversed 
with their isobars 
with their dust counts 
like land condemned to brutish wheat projection

the biopsics 
the oxygen meters 
the taste of stunned plankton 
like a concentrated polyp 
from a tribe of spontaneous stellar confinement

the anatomical 
the blank Globigerina of debris 
like darting alchemical thievery 
or a dazed selenium hull 
or a vapourized borium

falling miles & miles to the bottoms 
flecked at a level 
beyond carbonized petroleum 
beyond that which antedates salt

I am speaking of energies which ingest 
the first perfected forms of creation

the primordium of waves 
the calligraphy of torment

& so the Coelacanths 
the vampire fish 
the orbits of volcanoes endure

& the timing of the amplitudes 
the surges 
the gusts 
like thermal craters which explode & collapse 
& re-absorb themselves 
as a fulminate "microalgae" 
as a violet insomnial structure 
of blood 
or instants 
or birth 
the writhing dunes 
the dark conduction saliva 
de-energized by merging 
then brought to bear 
upon fruit of in-fertilized deltas