The East Village

Edwin Torres

HELLBOOM SASSY Shiny diamonds' infract Paper doily overshock Hey! You my girl! 3 Dimensional snowflake Big as fly sqwat -- The Queen! Credit card crown...for you I wear my fainting spell Reigning...look I'm feigning love, doom, gum 'n backjack (tsk, ysk, jsk) Hell Boom Crack-ture Pheasant Radili-Ya Star-goz obrund SHAP A slap-to-go-arounda Fiyagrap - a hic a - peasant Mebbe you be Hobo Sexi? Dooty dots okay Misplaced arty liyar lines Many ya got? 2! sharp 'n lean 2 go O Baby mouth girl And Roger? no! He's a sho sho To go...a gogo sexi Hexi...he a One Gezzant plate glass Visa? Clear charge Of glass phone-in Posture-Pedic Rippy P. Rest in RIP A Dice Daya Havea L.O.V. G.O.P. GOP! Be Sassy... Loveya! Hey Girl You the one!