The East Village

Jim Behrle's City Point and Poems, coathored with
Fred Moten, have been released by Pressed Wafer.

Poems by David Cameron are from the unpublished 
"Flowers of Bad," his complete translation of 
Les Fleurs du Mal. 

Macgregor Card coedits The Germ.

Todd Colby is author of Riot in the Charm Factory
(Soft Skull Press), and editor of Heights of the
Marvelous: A New York Anthology (St. Martins Press).

Poems from Jordan Davis are from Million Poems
Journal due later this year from Faux Press. Other work
by Davis appears in The East Village, Vol. 9.

Michael Farrell edits slope. He lives in Melbourne.

In a Glass Box is a new chap by Brenda Iijima from 
Pressed Wafer. Other work by Iijima is featured in Vol. 8 
& Vol. 9.

Chris McCreary is the brains behind Ixnay and Ixnay

A selection of Wanda Phipps's "morning poems" appears 
in the CD ZITHER MOOD from Faux; the complete
morning poems is forthcoming from Boog Literature. 

Douglas Rothschild doesn't let his work out often. He
curates readings at Zinc.

Edwin Torres's poems are featured in PLEASE, a
multimedia CD produced by Faux Press.

The five sestinas here by Jo Ann Wasserman are from a
larger manuscript titled "The Escape".

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