The East Village

Todd Colby

Nicing My Dinky Everyday begins fair and smooth A long, thin tube of white marble piercing a pink rose Soupy morning of heat slashing chrome I'm better at fear than fright The spine broke on the poetics of reverie The closet smells like something someone did to feel better You win wet blue denim Why not a calming potion? The slightly bitter soapy taste of ginseng tea If it's raining I'll have a scrambled egg She does "not well" eating fish with mercury The tender portion of white fish is called the wing Suddenly hormones shoot out my ass A black spoon in the tub I may soothe you as a panther is soothed by the smell of butter A person who opens a window exposes others to shards of glass At a certain point all books blur into one book What is repeated is always something that occurs as if by chance Vivid animals strut and grind their hips into strangers The subject of my organism is you Popping blisters on my lead belly Do you see what I am to you? I will not force you to give up your verticality Water is a concern because you could blow up a dam I'm sorry that I said you had a third eye in the library The merest dusting of pink or peach on the small of her back I've never heard someone cry that I couldn't cry better than Everything I own smells bad Dark blue copper salt is soluble in a beige universe Sometimes I think I just might have brain damage Eat some of the meat wrapped in the pink terry cloth robe You can't write a suicide note in the third person I'll put my beach towel somewhere in the vicinity of the Wonder Wheel Humming, degrees of humming, where it's constant I'll curl into a ball and smile into the palm of my hand