The East Village

Simon Tertychniy

For relief to take place

A new release, updated version,
a rematch, three hundred and seventy
pages of the paperwork reduction act.

Deals with a variety of garden topics.
Subject to wear and tear of the hair, a husband
can only be declared non-taxable where the wife
remains cost-free in a private home, in full possession
of such items as a bed, a rucksack, or a spoon,
she effectuates ironclad domesticity,
cracked tile clicks a little, significantly she bears
no response, no responsibility.

A  husband enjoined from living in his now previous
residence, tilling of grounds for his eviction still
pending, depends on the mood of the victim.
The marital deduction per se is not yet in effect,
but love and affection are certainly not at all
sufficient considerations to prevent taxation.

Either one may choose to treat the other
as badly as befits the setting, if a collision eventuates in death
(herein defined as a mutual, joint foreclosure of the throats)
it is regarded as far more equitable.
At the very post-scriptum  of the assigned life, desire to qualify intangibles
spreads like a grin on a weary idiot's face.  Badly
unshaven ex-husband circumnavigates the house,
dog looking for a bone donor.  Remains to be,
silent verbatim spooling at his mouth.

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