The East Village

Carol Mirakove



vitamin ache kicked texture out for total, ever, to date. he mentioned
my having disappeared. oops. in addition to too much social in a row.
then i go out into mass heat to look for bird thing. no worries -- i
assure you we will locate a drunkard. wouldn't that be a day.

the don't-tell policy is not going to fly. literally. yours. he was
one of these guys who integrates code into his writing and everyone
said "butt" of the human kind. eyes on the dog. ticketing a nice dog.

demons be gone. thursday is at least part of the same week we are in.
my ostensible impetus you might have to draw me a picture on a bar
napkin. so i get it.

plural because i am going to predict. matched to letters. except you
would order the sounds -- they are crowded. as are most good things.
my clock is close. disease i guess i shouldn't share. but then it
would have been a dog-less trip.

i don't suppose there's any chance you'd be willing to snap a photo of
yourself right now for me? whatever that means. i was agitated even
before the superclever. i dreamt up a doll box, which keeps getting

we are giving each other temporary tattoos. excellent. you smell like