The East Village

Bob Holman

The Perfection of Time

Free grammar
Poking on in on Angels
I was saying what can I say I was saying
What I said I was saying to say
The backbeat was leading the unusual
As something ground up thinking laid gentle derail
Amongst the top truth I'd-a yodel so swept
Filched magnificent resurrection and keep it beating throb throb
What was the yield patty isn't a mister take
Come back here to where it is once belong
Branded squander factory (for fools)

Gobbling up the silence used to be's
Now dance to that Eternity
I climbs out put that boat down
Water sinks below air, breathe volcano yell
Yellow springs binge just to tell the true take
Bury me with her and you and him and take us over carry by caravan
Love me like lies and never try excuse me lily disappear (who)
Singe since yes sir today since little closet
Closest tomb -- I'll break it down to you