The East Village

Steve Duffy



 to me the world is
 shaped like a sentence
 a corridor shaped
 by influences beyond
 a black tumulus
 in the shape of a life
 language shaped
 like a pretzel shaped
 like a fishing net
 shaped by funnel shaped
 traps the t shaped
 intersections of our minds
 silhouettes shaped
 in attitudes of flight
 components shaped like
 miniature spacecraft
 shaped like kisses
 shaped by melting
 shaped & dressed
 similarly always shaped
 by observation


 time once crescent
 shaped is domed
 concrete proper
 or just shaped
 by something
 without any gravity
 heart shaped windows
 heart shaped hole
 heart shaped
 lives and productions
 shaped necessarily
 with toyshops or ship
 shaped cloud conventions
 in the real world
 shaped input & output
 how that plasticity is
 shaped like a sparrow
 the emotion
 shaped like a you
 shaped love note
 shaped like a poem


 effectively shaped
 by bodily gestures
 shaped by decisions
 as they occur
 cunningly shaped
 into eight irregular
 mount fuji shaped
 luminous moon shaped
 iridescent as a girl
 then a close up
 her v shaped hands
 holding the mouthpiece
 which is shaped
 like the grinning
 maw between entities
 which have shaped
 & created
 named and shaped
 & punished
 & molded


 i don't have rose
 shaped handsoaps shaped
 by language ie the
 mind's a curved jewel
 shaped something
 like a comma like a
 laptop in the shape
 of a lunchbox a gift
 in the shape of a door
 but in fact shaped
 like a dream if a dream
 can be said to have shape
 by and through various
 contexts & bidden to
 the final cut odd shaped
 and possibly mobius
 we are shaped by paths
 a wedge shaped
 piece of lid the shape
 of a grenade carved
 in the shape of a tortoise

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