The East Village

Jen Coleman & Dave Hart


 Its normal when groups of people die.
 it is usual, in a year, for many to die
 and become an impressive number. It's expected.

 Day to day, when dead bodies are needed,
 there are people like poppyseeds
 in a muffin snuffed up under a collapsing circus tent,

 the automatic fire of a tow-headed boy scout,
 a burning cruise liner drops bodies bright and promising
 like molten glass into the sea.

 How many boy scouts have killed in a hundred years?
 How many boy scouts killed? how many would-be
 boy scouts but for the scouts how many boys

 scout out scout boys for how many scout
 scouting killing boys scouts. How many
 more boy scouts are living than have ever died?

 Should it become ordinary, and some day
 such great groups so often die
 that there will be no difference

 between limbs, jaw bone, mandible,
 fragment of bone, the eye socket,
 the chin bone muscle creating a face,

 a jaw bone a living eye
 and rows of even white teeth.
 the expression of bone and body

 the natural dying
 state of a body should become
 in the company of other bodies

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