The East Village

Jen Coleman


 You are the ward of a word and the word is you
 who would stoop for a crumb of light.
 You are born of a word and the word is flesh
 and small as a snowflake, small as a pill,
 a brain pill, a smart pill, a thrill pill, small as a
 get thinner faster pill, a youngness pill,
 small as a cigarette pill, a lying tongue
 pill, born of a word small as a parking meter

 pill, a dead pigeon pill, a haughty pill,
 a ram sacrifice pill, a spirit pill,  small
 as a pill to stir up dissention,  small
 as a normal pill a moral pill a patient pill,
 a letter of recommendation pill, a pill
 promulgating anew, a pill in the valley
 of the shadow of death, a pill of majesty,
 a pill of salvation, small as a steadfast love pill,

 a pill to please the lord more than an ox
 a pill incapable of pleasing god,
 a glad heart pill, a cradle pill, a shame pill,
 an innocent blood pill.
 You are the ward of a soft tongue
 that would break bone.